· A close community of teachers, students and their families



· The creative potential of all individuals

· All students being given an equal opportunity for growth and discovery

· Teaching academies existing to serve the needs of their students, not the other way around

· Nurturing and developing the potential of each individual student.



· Explore, develop and delight in their creativity.

· Grow as individuals and valued members of the broader community.

· Develop empathy, understanding and respect for their team mates.

· Develop a curiosity and love for their own journey through the performing arts! 


"Ian was a wonderful teacher - understanding, encouraging and so incredibly knowledgable. In the 2 years I was his student I learnt a great deal from him and have Ian to thank for the confidence I have on stage in presenting any character my job requires me to. Ian had a gift of knowing a students potential when sometimes they didn't realise it themselves. He knew what I was capable of and each lesson he pushed me to dive deeper and explore qualities in my performance I didn't know I possessed. His feedback was always genuine, honest and very helpful. Ian was also very understanding of the pressures of full time study and always provided us with the support and advice we needed to keep going. Ian's extensive professional experience gave him a wealth of knowledge that he was more than happy to share with his students and knowing how successful he was in his own career made his advice that much more meaningful. I am so grateful for the 2 years I had Ian as a teacher and can't thank him enough for helping me reach my true potential. "

Brooke - Dance Captain - Celebrity Cruises Entertainment