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We Are

· A close community of teachers, students and their families


We Believe In

· The creative potential of all individuals

· All students being given an equal opportunity for growth and discovery

· Teaching academies existing to serve the needs of their students, not the other way around

· Nurturing and developing the potential of each individual student.


We Encourage Students To

· Explore, develop and delight in their creativity.

· Grow as individuals and valued members of the broader community.

· Develop empathy, understanding and respect for their team mates.

· Develop a curiosity and love for their own journey through the performing arts! 

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I have known Ian Toyne since I was 11 when we worked in Les Miserables at the Regal Theatre and we went on to work in another four shows together. I also attended several of his classes and workshops over the years. Ian is considered by many in the profession to be one of the best acting coaches in Perth and it was always a race to secure one of the coveted spots in his workshops. I am now in my later twenties and I still consider Ian to be one of the most important mentors and influencers in my current acting career.


I was just a kid but Ian could tell I was passionate about acting and he was infinitely kind, patient and always willing to take that extra time to help me perfect a role even when he would already have so much on his own plate. He was a great confidence booster as well, especially when I was a shy, awkward teenager. I still use many of the techniques and skills that I learned from Ian's tutoring and it has made my career path as an actor easier. Ian is a very good actor who I was lucky enough to work with, and I'm proud to call him my friend and mentor. 


Mike Bingaman - Featured in Baz Luhrmann's Elvis - 2021

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