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We are a close community of teachers and performing artists dedicated to providing affordable high quality training and performance opportunities to Perth families.


With locations in Wembley, Woodvale and Cockburn we offer classes for all ages from Kindy to Adults in Acting, Film & TV and Musical Theatre

We are not a product focussed school. Every student at PAPA is treated equally and casting decisions are based on the wishes of the student along with what will benefit them in their journey of growing confidence both on and off stage.


We do not charge expensive fees for costumes or require our students to wear heavy makeup or identical hairstyles. We do, however, provide our students with opportunities to perform in professional theatre environments under stage lights as well as at community events throughout the year.


We are passionate about encouraging all students to develop a love of the performing arts and, more importantly, to develop their confidence, resilience, communication and problem solving skills which will serve them in whatever they choose to pursue in life. 


Our vision

COURAGE We equip students with the confidence and the tools to make bold, clear and imaginative choices. We encourage our students to grow through taking creative risks and embracing any challenges they may face as part of their learning.


CREATIVITY We ​instil in students a sense of excitement and curiosity about their own creativity that will encourage them to discover and develop their unique abilities.  We work hard to increase students confidence in themselves as expressive and creative individuals.

COMMITMENT  We believe that all students benefit from learning to commit themselves to characters in situations and scenes. Students will learn to be confident in their choices and to solve problems as they arise. We are committed to ensuring that all students feel heard and encouraged at all times as we guide them in developing clear communication skills, self confidence and team working abilities that will benefit them in their lives no matter what path they choose to follow.  

COMMUNITY  We equip students with strong team working skills that help them collaborate successfully with others. We encourage empathy, tolerance, and acceptance in all of our students as part of their development as valued community members. We ensure that all students are given opportunities to learn valuable lessons about themselves as people and their place in the community in a safe, supportive environment. 

We are here to help you achieve your goals, personal and professional, whatever they may be.

We believe in kindness, equality and the enormous creative potential of all individuals.

Welcome to the PAPA family!

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