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Adults Classes

Ages 18+

About Our Classes


Perth Academy of Performing Arts classes in Stage Acting and Film Acting will allow you to explore who you are as a creative individual.

All Adult classes are taught by Ian Toyne, who has had over 40 years of professional performing experience and over 15 years teaching experience. Someone who knows how to guide you in a safe and supportive environment as you grow as a confident performer and person. Unlock the potential you have always had and be excited and thrilled by what you can achieve when you are given knowledge and tools in a way that works for you. Enrol for a free trial class and discover for yourself just how much fun these powerful classes can be.

ALL NEW STUDENTS must attend a free trial class before committing to the term to ensure we are a good fit for each other.

Stage Acting


Students will gain confidence on stage and in the outside world!

Grow confidence through improvisation and team-work activities. Learn different techniques for Acting on stage, performance skills, stage directions, vocal projection and diction, script analysis and character building.

Film Acting


Students will gain confidence in front of the camera and seeing themselves on screen.

Learn different techniques for Acting for Film or Television, develop vocal skills, script analysis and character building.

You will gain valuable experience in front of the camera and have several opportunities to view and assess your work on screen with your Director's guidance. 

Acting Through Song


This class focusses on Musical Theatre from an Acting perspective. Students will be guided through basic singing techniques and warm ups

This class is for beginner level students. Singing skills and experience are not necessary to enjoy these classes.
There may occasionally be some simple dance warm ups and choreography in these classes but dance skills are not necessary. 
Those with more experience are welcome and may be given more challenging tasks within classes.

Level 2


Students who meet the criteria for Level 2 either by graduating from Level 1 classes or proven outside experience will further their skills in stage and screen acting in these classes.

We will further explore script analysis and character work and study scripts for the stage and screen. This class is strictly invitation only and requires a higher level of commitment. 

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