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Film & TV Acting

Year 3-6, Year 7-12 & Adults

These exciting classes give students the opportunity to learn

how to act for the camera in film and television.

They focus on Screen Acting and teach skills such as

  • Effective On-Camera Audition Technique

  • Understanding Of Camera Shots And Their Uses

  • Knowledge Of The History And Evolution Of Film And TV

  • Ability To Accurately Hit Marks For Correct Framing And Focus

  • On-camera Vocal Technique

  • Knowledge Of Set Crew names And Duties

  • Understanding Of Call Sheet Layouts And Definitions

  • Ability To Portray Authentic, Compelling On-Screen Characters

  • Ability To Reproduce Authentic, Compelling Performances

  • Ability To Make Dynamic Choices

  • Ability To Understand And Implement Direction

  • Thorough Understanding Of Differences Between Stage And Screen Acting


Students will acquire these skills, strengthen them and develop their confidence as screen actors through

  • Watching And Discussing Audio-Visual Material

  • Performing Straight-To-Camera Monologues

  • Performing On-Camera Film and TV Scenes

  • Class Games And Exercises

  • Tutor And Class Feedback

  • Devising Short Screen Presentations


Students will be given constant opportunities to perform in front of a camera and gain confidence. They will also be provided with opportunities to show their on-camera work in screenings to invited audiences. The course will provide them with the opportunity to learn to act effectively for the camera in both film and television. The techniques and skills they acquire will be invaluable should they wish to become part of the WA film industry, an industry that is certain to benefit greatly from the up-coming establishment of the Perth Film Studios.

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