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Broadway Jazz

Year 7-12

Broadway Jazz builds on foundation technique of Modern Jazz, with the addition of characterisation and style. Using songs from musical theatre repertoire, students can understand dance as a form of storytelling and, feel a connection to the music and characters from the source material. 

Embedding technique is an important part of safe dance practice and skill development, so all classes start with a full warm up including cardio, strength and mobility.


Classes also include exercises to develop and refine core skills such as: 

· Walks and runs 

· Turns 

· Elevation 

· Arm and leg lines 

· Staging and special awareness 


In addition to dance technique, students engage with works of musical theatre to develop: 

· Performance skills 

· Characterisation 

· Dynamic range of movement and performance 


Broadway musical theatre tells diverse stories, and as such our Broadway Jazz classes are suitable for students at all experience levels and we especially emphasise that people of all sizes, abilities and identities are welcome

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