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13 Reasons Why You should learn Acting at PAPA!

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If you think, as I do, that Katherine Langford is an amazing actor who thoroughly deserves all the international stardom she enjoys, then come to PAPA and learn from a teacher who taught her stage and film acting.

Katherine was a student of mine whilst she attended a one year full time course in Perth, only a year or two before she landed her breakthrough role in 13 Reasons Why.

During that year I was her main acting tutor at the institute in question. She attended several acting classes I held every week, where I taught her many acting techniques suitable for stage and screen acting as well as providing her with constant advice and support. She was an avid learner and, especially when I reviewed her work on camera during Film and TV acting classes, someone I knew was going to find success in her career.

I initiated the chain of events that led to a highly respected Perth agent attending a public performance given by students in which Katherine had a featured role. That agent immediately expressed an interest in her and, to my knowledge, signed her up as an actor they would represent.

She also wrote to me at a later point asking advice about agents in general and I steered her away from some nonsensical misinformation she had been given. It is my belief that my advice helped her make decisions which led to her achieving the success in her career she currently enjoys.

So, if you dream of being as good an actor as Katherine and would love the international recognition she has, then come to PAPA and be taught by someone who gave her the advice, knowledge and encouragement that has served her so well.

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