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Film & TV Industry Workshops - Online

Have you thought about a career in the Film & Television Industry?

Not sure if it's possible? How do you get started? How do you get yourself an agent? Do you need expensive training? Expensive headshots? To move to a different state or country?

You are not alone, and it IS possible for you!

We have designed a series of online workshops to answer your questions and give you the tools you need to get started.

Workshops will be taught by Perth born Ayla Wren who is currently living and working in Vancouver, represented by successful agency Performers Management and studying under renowned teachers Wesley Salter and Jeb Beach.

Ayla has successfully moved from studying in Perth to living her dreams in the Canadian Film Industry and knows exactly what it takes. She is keen to pass on her insights and knowledge to anyone and everyone interested in a career in the industry and to bust the myths you may have heard that can make this seem like an impossible dream.

We want you to know that with hard work, the right attitude and positive, well informed tuition, you can absolutely achieve your dreams.

Workshops will cover a broad range of topics including industry terminology, branding and marketability, head shots, agency representation, what to expect at auditions, setting up self tapes and much, much more.

The workshops will be held over 3 consecutive Saturdays in September via Zoom and are each 1 hour in duration.

September 12th, 19th and 26th at 10am Western Australian Standard Time.

The full cost of the workshops is just $99 per student.

People of all ages from 16+ are encouraged to register at

After registration you will receive an email with the codes required to attend the Zoom meetings.

If you have any questions regarding these workshops please do not hesiatte to contact Imogen at

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