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Updated: Aug 7, 2018

I have performed for over thirty five years in professional music theatre, theatre, film, and TV and continue to do so, having performed during the last year in a cabaret in Melbourne, an opera at the Sydney Opera House and in a featured role in Otherlife, a locally produced film appearing on Netflix. This keeps me in touch with current requirements of the performing arts industry from a practical perspective. I know the sense of commitment and attack required by contemporary performing artists and it is this knowledge plus my years of professional performing experience that gives me an edge over other teachers.

I have a personal belief that all students are equally important and deserving of the same encouragement, support and opportunities. I know that the skills they learn from me are not only applicable to a career in the performing arts should they choose to go down that path, but are also life skills that will serve them well in whatever future they choose. I work hard to identify and nurture the artistry in each student, instilling in them a strong sense of confidence in themselves as an individual and in their creative abilities . I love the journey of discovery I go on with my students and sharing the excitement we find together on that journey.

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